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Inner Circle - "Frequently Asked Questions"

1. What is the Inner Circle Loyalty Program?

The Inner Circle Loyalty Program is designed to reward frequent customers with exclusive discounts, invitations for special events, subscriptions to our catalogues and additional offers and promotions of the participating stores: Novus, Novus Outlet, Equis, Galeria, Naturalizer, La Favorita and Florsheim. Rewards are based on customer purchase activity.

2. How do I sign up for the Inner Circle Loyalty Program?

When making a purchase of $69.00 or more, you will receive an application along with 1 card and 1 key chain with your account number. The Inner Circle Card will identify you in all purchases and will accumulate reward points at the participating stores.

3. How do I earn and redeem Reward Points?

Reward Points are based on customer purchase activity. With every dollar you spend, you will receive 1 point and for every 500 points within 1 year, you will receive a $50 Inner Circle Award for your next purchase. Purchases of gift cards or taxes do not earn Reward Points. Returns on purchases will be applied against accumulated Reward Points. Your point's balance will be printed on the receipt of every purchase. Reward Points expire every 12 months after the first purchase and can't be transferable or re-activated after expiration. After the 12 month period you will begin with a balance of 0 points. Example: The first purchase with your Inner Circle card was made on January 3rd, 2008. Every January 3rd the points will be erased, which means that you will have until January 2nd of every year to complete the 500 reward points.

4. What are Inner Circle's additional benefits?

As member of the program you will receive by mail or e-mail promotions and special offers. You will receive by mail a gift certificate of 20% off discount for your birthday. This certificate is valid on regular merchandise during the month of your birthday and it is non-transferable. Take an additional 10% off discount on sale items when you present your Inner Circle Award. This 10% discount does no include purchases made at Novus Outlet or in combination with other offers or promotions

5. What proceeds if I don't have my Inner Circle Card at the moment of the purchase?

Reward points can't be accumulated without presenting the Inner Circle Card or after the purchase has been processed. The store can hold the merchandise for up to 24 hours until you present the card or account number.

6. What should I do if the card is missing or stolen?

If you lost your card you can request a Replacement Card at any of our stores and they will provide you a replacement card with your membership number and date of expiration. If you are interested in a new plastic card, you can request a new application a new membership number. Please notice you will need to provide your old membership number in order to transfer the points to the new account. If the card is stolen you should cancel it by calling Customer Service. The store will provide you with a new membership card. On the application the old membership number should be writing down for us to transfer the points.

7. How can I use the Inner Circle Award?

You can use the Inner Circle Award in your next purchase of regular price merchandise of $79.99 or more at any of the participant stores. The Inner Circle Award is non-transferable and can only be redeemed by the person whose name is in the account. At the time of your purchase you should present a valid identification card. The Inner Circle Award expires 3 months after earned. The Inner Circle Award can't be replaced. Once it is given to the customer we are not responsible for missing or stolen awards

8. How can I change the information of my account?

You can change your address, phone numbers or e-mail by filling out a form at our stores, accessing our website or calling our Customer Service Department at 787-272-4546 or 1-888-530-4546.

9. What should I do if I have more than one or more account numbers?

You should fill out the form at any of the stores and request a consolidation of the points of all the accounts into one account number.